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2017 new XC_full suspension frame will start design

Release date: 2016-11-18 Browsing number:

Hongfu engineers have spent 6 months in the design of the latest 2017 XC suspension frame, our engineers use different points with
 computer simulation design, to make the connecting rod design point of the suspension frame to achieve the best state,and some data
 and results are much better than some big brands’, our 2017 XC suspension frame is a carefully designed one, it is not the suspension
frame on the market there is no any data support only appearance design , the following is some of our data display:


about our piovt design,The most important selling point we have for my bike is the way the Anti Squat works. Perfectly.
What is Anit Squat?
When you accelerate hard in a car, you can feel your weight being thrown towards the back of the vehicle. Obviously this happens
exactly the same on a bicycle, though to a lesser degree. This weight transfer happening over and over is what causes pedal bob.
The sharp acceleration that comes with each pedal stroke shifts a rider’s weight around repeatedly and causes the suspension to
bob up and down in the process. To remedy pedal bob, the bike’s linkage is designed so that the drive force being put through the
chain will limit the amount that the suspension can move. The suspension being limited by the drive force of the chain to eliminate
pedal bob is what we refer to as “anti-squat”.
So when you push forward on your pedals the tension in the chain will prevent the suspension to go down even if it wants to because of the movement created.
The 2017 new Scott has a Anti Squat that is a little low. The keep depending on the lock out function to make the bike better. Which is very strange. At sag, when the damper is compressed because you sit on it the Anti Squat is around 85%. An extremely light person would find this okay perhaps. But we are talking around 50 kg perhaps.
Normal riders from 70 – 90 kg will experience that the bike will go up and down while pedaling it forward. This means that some of you energy goes to waste because the anti squat number is not 100% or a little more.
If you use a bigger disk than 32 in the front then the Anti squat numbers on the Scott are even lower.
my bike is designed with perfect Anti Squat numbers even if you have 36 disk in the front.






The drawing design has these Anti Squat numbers.

 As you can see the Anti Squat numbers give perfect pedaling performance all the time.
Some of the force even goes to pushing the back wheel into the ground giving you even better grip.
The pedal kickback is close to Scott and other numbers as well.
So the bike is going to be really good.
The big positive thing is that you do not need the lockout to pedal the bike with good efficiency.